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Get a website for your baby business

Let friends and family follow their progress as the grow and learn.

Keep everyone automatically upto date with the latest photos without filling up everyones inboxes with large attachments.

  • A dedicated web address
  • 200 or more medium resolution photos
  • Multiple photo galleries
  • Individual passwords per family/friend, or optional shared password for all.
  • Personalised templates free of advertising.
  • Friends / Family can leave messages in your guestbook
  • Keep a blog of your babies first days and child development.
  • Include videos that you have uploaded on YouTube.
  • Mailing list management to keep your friends and family upto date. Let them subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Website digest automatically emails updates of your most recent news and photos to everyone at a regularity of their own choosing if they choose.
  • Hosting plans from only $25 per month, with a 30 day free trial. 

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