Tips for new parents

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  • * Honour the fact that you're doing ok. No, not just ok. Honour the fact that you are doing the best you possibly can. * Learn from your mistakes and try and remember for next time. * Remember it how it really truly is right now. Time plays trick
  • When is the best time to hold a baby shower?
    It is traditional for the shower to be held about a month or two before the birth. The types of gifts given are usually those related to newborn babies and in neutral colors.
    In some cases the shower is held a month or two after birth, especially if the mother had a difficult pregnancy or for specific religious reasons. One advantage of this is that you can ensure the gifts are related to the sex of the baby, i.e. boy or girl.
  • Homemade biscuits are a nice idea, you could cut the biscuits with biscuit cutters in cute shapes like: a teddy,or small animals; using small currants for the eyes and hundreds and thousands or chocolate hail for decoration.

    Baskets filled with little gifts for the mother and baby are always appreciated. You could include such items as: small soaps in sweet shapes, hats & booties, cosy blankets, small teddies, rubber duckies, and natural baby shampoos and lotions.
  • * Establish a routine with your newborn as early as possible. Feeding, naps and play should all be included in your schedule.

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